Previous Project Examples

Below are some examples of our previous projects. Please contact us if you have any similar requirements.

Kit Car Carbon Fibre Panels

Panels made for a Westfield kit car, to replace the standard aluminium panels. These were made from 1mm twill weave carbon fibre to minimise weight.

Track Car Switch Panel

Made for a track car project, to mount the interior switches. Made from 2mm twill weave carbon fibre to ensure a stiff panel with low weight.

Mk1 MX5 Cupholder

Cupholder and blanking plate made for a mk1 Mazda MX5. This was made form 2mm twill weave carbon fibre for light weight and stiffness as well as appearance.

Cupholder for a WW2 Willy's Jeep

A Cupholder made to fit within a ration box, for use on a Willy's Jeep from WW2. Weight was not a consideration, but stiffness was important to keep the drinks in place.