Unfortunately due to ongoing health issues, it is no longer possible to design and manufacture custom parts.

Custom Part Manufacture

We can use our CNC capability to produce custom parts, either based on your design, or designed to your requirements. We normally use DXF files, but please contact us to check compatibility of other file types.

We are currently able to process designs up to 1.50m x 0.77m in size.

To get a quote, please email us with the details on kit@compositekit.co.uk, or phone 07512 275550 to discuss.

We are also looking to produce parts through basic hand layup techniques. More information to follow soon.

How Does it Work?

1. Send us your requirements via email. DXF files are preferred, but other files or even hand drawings are fine too.

2. We produce a quote and send you a unique hyperlink at which you can view the quote.

3. If you are happy with the quote, then you purchase on the page provided. There is no obligation to do so.

4. We manufacture your parts, and send these out to you. We aim to send the parts within 5 working days, but this may depend on your requirements and the size of the order.

What Materials Can I Use?

We stock a range of carbon fibre sheets, from 1 to 4mm in thickness, and most thicknesses are available in both plain and twill weave.

When in sheet form, there is little difference in properties between these weaves, and aesthetics are the main differentiation. When moulding parts the weaves can behave very differently, with twill being looser and therefore having better formability but likely less uniformity than plain weave.

Typically twill weave is used in full size motorsport or automotive applications, and plain weave is used for radio control cars and drones, but there are plenty of exceptions to this!

We also stock brass sheet for making weights, and will happily source other weaves or materials if you have a specific need. Please contact us with your requirements at kit@compositekit.co.uk